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Rechargeable Blood Pressure Monitor™

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High Blood Pressure (also known as Hypertension) is a referred to by WHO as the SILENT KILLLER. It is very deadly to the health because you will never know or see any sign of the potential danger

Nigeria has about 36.7% of it’s adult population dealing with  Hypertension/HBP without even knowing it and about 17% of this population die from Hypertension.

This is a very serious matter  danger

But worry no more

With our State of the Art Rechargeable BP monitor, you can be up to date with your Blood Pressure just within 5 Minutes

No need to keep running to the doctor’s office for check-ups every time

You can do it yourself within 5 Minutes with our new

Rechargeable Blood Pressure Monitor™

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Inteligent sensors (Sphygmomanometer )

Our newly improved Rechargeable BP monitor comes with a state of the art sensors to measure your Blood pressure just within 3 minutes. You can’t go wrong with this at all

Comfortable Wrist Support

Built with Comfortable foamy pans, our BP monitor feels so comfortable and suiting during usage

Smart Touch Screen (One touch Operation)

With our One touch screen design, our BP monitor is easy to operate, you can get your BP measured in minutes. No complicated process

Cool and Portable Packaging to take it with you anywhere

With a cutting edge Package box, you can take your BP monitor anywhere you want. You no longer have to worry about seeing your doctor, at any time. Your BP monitor is always with you…anywhere you go!!

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Smart Display

Accurate and Real time reading

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