Facebook Ads Payment Fix

Have you been having issues paying for Ads? Are you using a post-paid account and want to switch to a prepaid account? Is Facebook overcharging you for Ads?

Worry no more because SOLUTION is here.

Truth is, I was once like you..i could really remember when it was always very difficult making payments for ads, i would try all my cards, borrow from my brothers and neigbour just to make payment for my outstanding debts but facebook keep rejecting and declining all cards, it even got to a point that my Ads account got disabled because i have repeatedly tried different cards at a time. And this has nothing to do with the kind of card you use( MasterCard, Verve, Visa) you would still get declined…….

Well this actually got me really frustrated and i was not able to advertise anymore because i was owing facebook and i can’t seem to pay, so my ads can continue running…Did this affected my business? The answer is…YES

It really affected me because because there was little or no sales, I just got new stocks and i can’t reach out to new people….

Not until one day i found the solution to this……

i Discovered i was using a ‘POSTPAID ACCOUNT” and that is the reason why it is difficult making payment using my naira card…..

the truth is for everyone using a “POSTPAID” account you are required to use a dollar card to make payments… what this means is that facebook would systematically reject your naira card and can only accept a dollar card(THIS IS THE MAJOR REASON WHY FACEBOOK IS REJECTING YOUR CARD)

the question is….we are in nigeria and our official currency is naira? so how then are we supposed to get a dollar card?

well this is why you have to switch to a PREPAID account… this account allows you make payment using your naira card(Mastercard, visa, verve) ..it works 100% of the time… very fast and seamless and its A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY ADVERTISER…..

Kindly watch the video below



I have recorded a step by step video on how you can switch from a postpaid account to a prepaid account (You watch me do it and do exactly what you see me

Facebook Ads prepaid account and postpaid account are two different payment methods for running ads on Facebook. The main differences between them are as follows:

  1. Payment: A prepaid account requires you to pay upfront for the ads you want to run on Facebook, while a postpaid account allows you to pay after your ads have been delivered.
  2. Billing cycle: Prepaid accounts have a fixed billing cycle, after which you will need to add funds to your account to continue running ads. On the other hand, postpaid accounts have a billing cycle that depends on the payment method you have chosen.
  3. Ad spend limit: With a prepaid account, you can set a budget limit to control your ad spend. Once you reach the budget limit, your ads will stop running. A postpaid account does not have a budget limit, and you will be billed for the actual cost of the ads you run.
  4. Credit check: A postpaid account may require a credit check before being approved, while a prepaid account does not.
  5. Payment options: Prepaid accounts can be funded using various payment methods like credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. Postpaid accounts require a valid credit card to be linked to the account for payment.
  6. Ad delivery: Prepaid accounts may have lower priority in ad delivery as compared to postpaid accounts, as Facebook prioritizes postpaid accounts due to their payment method.

Overall, prepaid accounts are suitable for businesses that want to control their ad spend, while postpaid accounts are more suitable for businesses that want to run ads on an ongoing basis without worrying about upfront payments.



BONUS 1> How to chat with Facebook Ads Customer care Support …. I will show you how I always chat Facebook support to get my issues resolved faster .. aside chatting you can also request a call .. YES someone from Facebook can call you .. look at the image below👇👇 that is a call I scheduled with Facebook team( we are going to talk and discuss about possible issues I have on my account and suggestions to get better results from Ads